Exclusive Track Premiere: The Odds “CLF”

Is love really love without heartbreak? As far as Albert Aguilar, aka The Odds, is concerned, the answer is a definitive no. Aguilar explores that intersection of the bitter and the sweet in love on “CLF,” the tender and dynamic new single from the Odds’ upcoming self-titled LP about the rise and fall of a relationship. Aguilar’s inventive production builds around a cinematic piano line and invigorating percussion but it’s his rich voice that truly sells the song, with sorrow and affection crackling out of the lo-fi vocal filter as he repeats “Yeah, okay, a heart breaks” as though he’s trying to convince both himself and the listener of some “time heals all wounds” advice. But even if it’s hard to stomach that sentiment when you’re the one with that heart that’s breaking, Aguilar knows it’s true, explaining in an email about the track that ” As humans…people…it’s in our nature to move on but some feelings you just never forget. And I think that’s pretty damn awesome, because even if it’s something you interpret as ‘bad,’ you got through it.” Whether you’re heartbroken or happily in love yourself, “CLF” is hard to resist, so consider it an early Valentine’s gift from us to you and be sure to keep an ear out for the upcoming Odds LP, due out on March 9th: