Mother Falcon An Orchestral Collective

Mother Falcon is an orchestral pop rock collective consisting of upwards of 17 musicians. The band lists their influences as Beethoven, Beirut, Bon Iver and the Strokes. At times their music sounds like amped-down Cursive and at other times the band’s sound is comparable to Bright Eyes, with a larger instrumentation. Folk-rock and jazz influences seem to flow in and out of their orchestrations. Mother Falcon’s sound is incredibly lush due to the mixture of classical instruments. Multiple cellos, violins, and basses mix with saxophone, glockenspiel, percussion and piano. In addition to these instruments, the vocals, primarily sung by Nick Gregg and Claire Puckett, add intriguing melodic lines and lyrics to the songs. It is amazing that all of these moving parts are coordinated so well, lush overtures fade into sparse breakdowns without a beat being missed. To see how these parts all come together check out a couple of Mother Falcon’s songs below and check out a score for one of their recent songs here.

Mother Falcon released the full-length, Alhambra, back in February. You can get a digital copy at their bandcamp page or a physical copy at Waterloo. The collective is playing at Stubb’s on Thursday (info here) with Speak and Ruby Jane. I am really looking forward to this show and I encourage you to come out and see some of the brightest up-and-coming Austin bands play what is bound to be a spectacular show.

Mother Falcon - Alligator Teeth