Exclusive Track Premiere: Memory Keepers “Electronic Renaissance”

Memory Keepers Electronic Renaissance

Have you ever wondered what a Belle and Sebastian song might sound like if covered by robots? Of course you have! Luckily Austin’s own Memory Keepers have come back from a far flung future where robots rule, bringing with them a suitably robotic cover of “Electronic Renaissance.”

One of the things you’ll learn from this time-displaced track is that our future robot masters can take an already danceable song and make it even more so. Memory Keepers’ “Electronic Renaissance” keeps the dream pop vibe of the original while replacing hazy psychedelia with a Kraftwerk-ian dance aesthetic. Jared Boulanger’s vocoder vocals easily replace Belle and Sebastian’s original soft-spoken tones while synth beats layered with drum machine and guitar work brilliantly expand upon the original track’s framework.

If this is what our A.I. run future sounds like, then I (for one) welcome our robot masters. You can glimpse them in person on July 17th at Cheer Up Charlie’s for the physical release of this future timeline artifact, but in the meantime listen to it on the archaic streaming platform of your choice below: