Exclusive EP Premiere: Luvweb “Mp3”

Do you ever wonder what the Stone Roses might have sounded like had they been a SoCal pop punk band? I hadn’t either until Luvweb came along. Yet here they are, doing just that on their brand spanking new EP Mp3, bashing together washed out guitar tones, pop punk rhythms and sloppy, snotty vocals that also seem as though they could screech “I WANT TO BE ADORED” at any moment.

Mp3 also has the kind of cursed backstory that better suits Manchester too: recorded by the band’s core duo of Chris Lopez (Lizzie Page, Superbike, Young///Savage) and Marcos Rocha (subcommander, MeanGirls) with drummer Scott Osment (Deaf Club, Femoral, Weak Flesh), everything was going fine until their hard drive crashed and all they were left with were unfinished mp3 bounces, hence the title. The swampy digital haze of the surviving recordings suits the music well, though, especially with the bummer green aesthetic of the art. Luvweb were also hellbent on getting the music out there no matter what, passing the tapes on to everyone from to legendary interviewer Nardwuar to Animal Collective’s Avey Tare to Xiu Xiu mastermind Jamie Stewart before finding a home at Andrew Jackson’s Digital Hotdogs label.

You’ll be able to acquire Mp3 on all streaming platforms starting June 21st and then the physical release will be June 28th at Hotel Vegas at Luvweb’s show with Why Bonnie, Christelle Bofale and ama, don’t miss out!