Exclusive Track Premiere: Löwin “The Wheel”

Löwin have long stood out from Austin’s crowded indie rock scene with their sharp songwriting, infinite supply of hooks and profound lyrics. The band continue that tradition with their new single, “The Wheel.” The track begins modestly, just melancholic guitar and the click of drum sticks against the rim of a snare backing up Sara Houser’s mesmerizing vocals. But it soon escalates, becoming an anthemic exploration of inspiration and creative drive, climaxing in a descending guitar and vocal run, with synth-like guitar leads bursting through the mix. Check it out for yourself with the download below, and as an added bonus the band has also made their earlier single “Sloop” available for download. And don’t forget to catch Löwin tomorrow, December 16th, at Hard Luck Lounge with Kay Odyssey, Poly Action and more!