Exclusive Track Premiere: Lonesome Heroes “Cloak and Dagger” and “Hope”

The Lonesome Heroes initially caught on by following in the cosmic cowboy tradition of legends like Gram Parsons, leaning on the lonesome end of their name in particular with their song stories about the hardships of the travelling life. But this year, they’re tweaking their sound, revitalizing it with elements of Texas boogie rock and smoky ’70s sessions by gangs of musical outlaws trying to avoid the spotlight. Their new single “Cloak and Dagger” invokes Warren Zevon more than it does Gram Parson, with its ramshackle vibe and throaty vocals. Meanwhile, B-Side “Hope” recalls the band’s more lonesome roots but with the addition of peak-era Laurel Canyon elements, like a lost collaboration between Stephen Stills and the Byrds. Both tracks are dazzling displays of the Lonesome Heroes wide ranging alt-country, and as a treat today we’ve got them both available to you for free for downloading! So give them a listen, then head out to Cactus Cafe tomorrow, July 1st, to see the band in action!