Album Stream Premiere: Lola Tried “Popsicle Queen”

If you were to give some of Austin’s newer acts high school achievement titles, Lola Tried would have to be one of the top contenders for most likely to succeed. The quartet has consistently put on some of the best performances in the city and now with their debut EP Popsicle Queen, they’re proving they’re just as adept at the studio. Produced by Ian RundellPopsicle Queen forgoes studio gimmickry and emphasizes the band’s tightness and Lauren Burton’s airy vocals and sharp lyrics. But Lola Tried’s real achievement with Popsicle Queen is how well it expresses personal struggle and growth. Whether it’s Burton getting flak for being too vocal on the ballad “Too Loud” or chronicling an escape from small town life in “San Marcos,” Popsicle Queen is clever, relatable and full of irresistible hooks, but also self-deprecating and brutally frank. Lucky for you, now you can stream it yourself and learn all the words in time for their release show tonight at Cheer Up Charlie’s!