Exclusive Track Premiere: Lola Tried “Bummertown”

Last year, Lola Tried made their debut with Popsicle Queen, a tightly wound work of buzzsaw guitars and booming rhythms bolstering Lauren Burton’s introspective examination of fight-or-flight reflexes and social anxiety. We’ve been eager to hear what Lola Tried would get up to next and we couldn’t be more impressed with their new single “Bummertown,” which ramps up the ferociousness of not just the instrumentation but also Burton’s voice. “I’ve got tough skin” Burton coos, before growling “But I’ve got brittle bones” handily describing not just her dilemma but the band’s sonics as well, where any given moment the band’s tough exterior is likely to slip away to reveal raw nerves and surprising smoothness. “Bummertown” is everything we loved about Popsicle Queen made bigger and more confident, proving to us that Lola Tried is well on their way to breaking out. But check it out for yourself, then catch the band at Austin Taco Project this Friday, March 9th.