Little Radar New Album Preview

If you’re a somewhat regular reader of our blog, you’ve probably read about Little Radar, the local four-piece that mixes up folk, indie rock and more into catchy richly-layered songs. Their song “Wake Up” was listed in our Top 50 Songs of 2011 countdown and their EP Kill A Buffalo was listed in 3rd in our Top 25 EPs of 2011. Suffice it to say that we definitely like us some Little Radar over here at Overload.

When Melissa, from Music Box Media, let us know that the guys have a new album coming out at the end of the month we were pumped. When we got a free preview off the new album the excitement grew. Titled Up In Arms, the new album is six songs deep and was recorded by Marco Street from Trolley House Productions.

We’ve come to know Little Radar’s sound as an eclectic mix of garage rock, indie rock and folk, and from what I’ve heard of Up In Arms, Little Radar is continuing on this sonic trajectory. Fans that have recently caught Little Radar live may be able to pick out a couple tracks from these sets on the upcoming release of six original tracks.

I wanted to give you guys a quick preview of the album with the lead track “Spitfire.” This song rocks right from the start, grabbing you with distorted chords and then whipping you along to a swift pace with a quickly plucked guitar riff. I’m digging the breakdown towards the end of the song too which breaks out some sweet guitar harmonics.  Check out “Spitfire” below.

Little Radar - 'Spitfire'

We’ll keep you guys updated about the release of Up In Arms and will provide you a review of the full disc when it’s out. Little Radar will be throwing a CD release party at the Mohawk on April 29th with The Couch and The Baker Family. View more details here and mark your virtual calendars.