Literature – And you don’t even have to read it!

I don’t normally go out to Sunday shows. Apparently I’m not alone in that, either. As I headed out to Hotel Vegas on Sunday night for the mixture of art and music that was the Newest Upcoming Alien Apocalypse show, there were few other people on the streets. The show itself, though, was fairly well-attended and very well-curated (big props to paperthreat’s Arius Holifield for pulling that off!). But a surprise greeted me at the door. The Great Nostalgic had cancelled! Dismayed as I was, Arius assured me that their replacement – Literature – was awesome and would not disappoint.

Literature - It's Cruel

Well, Arius, well-played. Literature was fantastic. They were crazy loud – blew the roof off the place – and delivered a blistering set of punkish power pop. Each of their songs is no more than two-and-a-half minutes, and is filled with great hooks and lots of energy. One of the friends I was with described it as power pop (like Big Star or the Cars or the Buzzcocks) but played at the speed of punk music. As you can hear in “It’s Cruel,” the late 70s influence is strong – from the lo-fi recording to the sort-of faux-British accent. It’s not a complicated song, but when you have handclaps, you don’t need to be intricate. The only problem is that this single came out just over a year ago! Literature, your music is so fun; the world needs more of it. Let’s have it. In the meantime, if anyone is interested, you can head over to their bandcamp page to download the other two songs off their Cincinnati 7″ it’s totally worth it and FREE! And we’ll let you know as soon as we get word of new material from them.