Exclusive Track Premiere: Leach “Serotonin Syndrome (Sold My Soul)”

Attraction may just be a chemical reaction, but damn if it isn’t a powerful one, clouding judgment and sense and all rational thought. Electro seducerĀ Leach even has a more technical name for it– “Serotonin Syndrome.” And on his new single of the same name, you’re likely to end up feeling the pull of that chemical reaction yourself, spurred on by the amped up heartbeat of the synths and percussion and the chiseled grit of Leach’s overdriven vocal. In the past, Leach has been closer to the James Blake end of electronic songcraft, with immaculate, intricately layered vocal loops making up more of the balance of any given mix than synths and drum machines. But “Serotonin Syndrome” has him scaling things back and adopting the lusty minimalism of Junior Boys at their finest. You can check out the equally chemical art video Leach made for it below, and be sure to order the track on Bandcamp: