Exclusive Track Premiere: Kay Odyssey “Hold My Hand Tight”

We’ve been thrilled to watch Kay Odyssey’s artistic development over the past few years, from their janglier origins to their dalliance with raucous psych rock.  “Hold My Hand Tight,” from their upcoming album What’s a Woman to Do, functions as a guided tour through that aesthetic evolution, with guitars firmly straddling the jangly/hazy divide while the vocals beam down like sirens in a dreamscape. Where Kay Odyssey’s influences were easy to discern and pick out on previous releases, “Hold My Hand Tight” is the sound of a band that is boldly and confidently walking its own unique path, one that doesn’t forget the past but isn’t beholden to it. Give it a listen, then head to Hotel Vegas tomorrow, June 3rd for the band’s release show with Sailor Poon and more. You can also catch Kay Odyssey at Waterloo this Sunday, June 4th for a free in-store performance in support of the album.