Exclusive Premiere: Kalimocho “Overcome”

Kalimocho Overcome

Austin has always been a city that emphasized the community in its music community, with artists in every decade working hard to boost each other and use the power of music help those in need. That history of camaraderie is on vibrant display on Kalimocho’s new project Overcome, which brings together talent from Austin and beyond to raise funds for the Central Texas Food Bank during Bandcamp’s Revenue Free day, in which the platform waives its own fees to help artists and organizations.

Unified by Kalimocho’s production, Overcome showcases a diverse array of talent, including local synth rock trio Goons* and sensual pop balladeer Saint Loretto, as well as long distance friends like soulful London vocalist Mayah Camara. Kicking off with Goons’ arena-ready pop anthem “The Getaway,” with its irresistible fist-pumping chorus, Overcome is a spotlight on pop in all its flavors, from the trip-hop vibe of Camara’s “Get Through This” to Locations’ sparkling IDM lullaby “Home is Where the Heart Is” to Saint Loretto’s roadtrip ready “Wherever You Are” to Chris Munoz’s comforting, dreamy folk number “Hard Times Come Again No More.” Overcome will be available today only, so enjoy the stream and pay what you can to help the Central Texas Food Bank, and be sure to throw some support to each of the artists involved!

Disclosure notice: Goons are managed by Ovrld