Exclusive Video Premiere: Junior Flexwell “FFSW”

Junior Flexwell is a promising young local rapper and like so many other ambitious up-and-comers in the scene before him, his music promotes a way of life as much as anything else. Flexwell’s new Stevenjets directed video “FFSW” serves as a glimpse behind that way of life, with Flexwell and a sidekick hanging out, hawking their personal philosophy of “Flexin’, Flippin’, Stretchin’, Whippin’,” with the signs of their budding success spraweled out behind them, from better studio digs to better cars. What keeps this from feeling like a bit too much is Flexwell’s natural smoothness and effortless charm; he’s not just a guy you want to hang out with, he’s also someone you want to succeed. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Lexi Banks’ beat is so spry and breezy, packed full of minimalist hooks and good vibes. All of this adds up to one seriously addictive end of year single, so don’t be late to the party: