Exclusive Track Premiere: Johnny Zachman “Dreamers”

Johnny Zachman continues to reinvent himself as a Phil Elverum for Austin’s perpetually shifting urban landscape, with his own merry cast of collaborators in tow. Zachman previously showed off his knack for cozy, no-frills songwriting on “Stumbling Arm in Arm,” which we premiered earlier this year, and he was so pleased with how that song turned out he decided to make an entire album with its featured guest fiddler Eddie Dickerson. The duo are back to work again on “Dreamers,” a track Zachman told us he wrote specifically for his duet partner Kelly Spohrer, based on the singing they used to do together as kids and the commitment they’ve both made to their art, watching while their other friends get married and have kids and do all of those other adult things. Spohrer recorded her part while visiting Austin from her new homebase of California and the song is a wonderful showcase for the vocal chemistry between her and Zachman, their lifelong friendship coming through in every playful line and spontaneous laugh. Mike LoCoco’s gentle percussion– recorded one piece at a time on a disassembled kit– allows the duet to take an almost conversational approach to the vocals, making for a listening experience akin to a late night porch get together. Take a listen for yourself and keep an ear out for the upcoming full length!