Exclusive Track Premiere: Jane Ellen Bryant “The Doghouse”

Walker Lukens song confessional project is one of those brilliant ideas that develops a life of its own as soon as it’s unleashed. The gist is that Lukens and his cohorts listen to people’s confessions, about anything ranging from past betrayals to a fixation on an oddball character actor, and then turn elements of the confession into a proper song. The project was such a success at SXSW this year, the band got back together a couple weeks ago for a fundraiser for the Travis County Democratic Party at Native Hostel where the artists interviewed candidates and then had a few hours to make a song from their various confessions.

Jane Ellen Bryant Zachary Price

Jane Ellen Bryant with AISD Trustee nominee and “The Doghouse” inspiration Zachary Price

We’re particularly pleased to premiere Jane Ellen Bryant’s offering, created from the confessions of 21 year old AISD Trustee Zachary Price, named “The Doghouse.” Bryant said the name came from Price’s statement that “people in his life often asked him if he would be the one to step up and take on the difficult leadership position,” forcing him to be the one stepping up to the plate when others won’t. Bryant added that Price is the youngest ever nominee for this position. The song itself is a soulful call and response number, with smoky electric piano and tremelo soaked guitar riffs accenting Bryant’s powerhouse vocal. You’ll be able to pick up the vinyl release next week through Modern Outsider, mixed by Spoon’s Jim Eno and produced and engineered by James Westley Essary with mastering by Brad Bell, and pressed by Gold Rush Vinyl, but until then listen to it below and don’t forget to vote, today is the last day for early voting!