James and the Douchebags: Really? Yes.

We here at OVRLD are always trying to expand the genres we cover, and one of the styles we don’t listen to as much is punk rock. We’ve had it on the site before with The Midgetmen, but there is such an active, vibrant punk scene in Austin that there’s no excuse for not finding something great.

In looking through upcoming shows for bands to explore, I was of course drawn to the name of James and the Douchebags. As their name suggests (along with all of their promotional materials), they approach their band with a sense of irreverence that permeates the music. Though they claim influences from country and metal, I just hear three guys having fun with punk rock. They aren’t adhering to any rules and their energy sometimes makes them sloppy, but these are the same reasons that their songs are utterly engaging. Last month’s Coitus Interruptus isn’t a perfect album, but check out the dramatic tempo change in lead track “Scout’s Honor” or the jazzy edge of “Big Bad Wolf.” This is a band that, at their best, is channeling elements of 80s hardcore groups like Minutemen and Husker Du – pushing the form while incorporating catchy melodies.

James and the Douchebags - Scout's Honor

James and the Douchebags - Big Bad Wolf

You can download Coitus Interruptus, their second full-length LP, for free here and you can catch them tomorrow night at Red Eyed Fly with several other local bands that I can’t wait to check out.