Exclusive Track Premiere: Jackie Venson “A Million Moments”

Jackie Venson

Austin superstar guitarist and vocalist Jackie Venson continues to morph into a soul’d up St. Vincent and we couldn’t be more excited for it. Venson’s latest dynamite single is “A Million Moments,” a revved up blast of electro-soul produced by local legend Frenchie Smith that pairs Venson’s thrilling guitar work and powerful vocals with booming synths and both electronic and live drums. Venson tells us the single is about “the many experiences in one’s life that leads them to their soulmate,” specifically “the crazy chain of events that led to the place and time that they were when they met their love.” You can check out the single below and keep an eye out for Venson’s forthcoming Big Indie Big Nights Records debut, due out next year, then catch Jackie Venson on December 16th at Antone’s!

Also be sure to tune in tonight at 7:15 at the embed below for a live chat and session with Jackie Venson!