Hundred Visions

This is a busy week leading up to SXSW. We’re co-planning our first big party with The Boxing Lesson, co-ordinating coverage of the event, and the rest of life isn’t stopping for some reason. And yet, I really felt compelled to share Hundred Visions with you. I can’t for the life of me figure out how we missed out on this band when their debut EP, Last Cab From Tunis, dropped in April of last year. They are making some of the most exciting rock music in town right about now.

Hundred Visions - 'Last Cab From Tunis'

To me, this EP sounds like early 80s Bono singing over The Rapture, especially on “Red Tide.” The songs are all crazy rhythmic, with cowbells and handclaps, there are vocal harmonies and ringing guitars. Standout single “Last Cab From Tunis” meanders around different guitar-based dance segments like a !!! track, constantly entertaining without providing much structure. Sometimes we review music that grows on you with repeated listens; Hundred Visions jumps up and slaps you in the face. This is impossible to ignore and easy to love. It’s easy to see why they’ve gotten some attention from Brooklyn Vegan and why they’ll be opening for White Denim on tour this spring. Hundred Visions are a force to be reckoned with, and will have a full-length out sometime soon. So get on board before this train leaves the station.

During SXSW, you can catch them Wednesday, March 14th at the Liberty in the evening time, or Thursday, March 15th at Club De Ville at 9 pm. I suggest you do so.

– Carter