Exclusive Track Premiere: Hello Wheels “She Said”

Hello Wheels are masters of ominous alt-country, concocting songs that are Texan to a tee, grand and majestic as well as forboding and violent. “She Said,” from their upcoming Punctum Records release O Hell explores that dichotomy in full, with its rollicking train beat and forlorn horns building up romantic splendor while the vocals get grim and gritty, talking up spurned women and kerosene covered wounds. Rather than a normal, saccharine love song, the band urges you to “Think of love as a snake/Hidden in the tall, tall grass,” as capable of seduction as it is of driving one to murder, making you reconsider the meaning behind the chorus’ statement that our unknown lovers will “find a way.” Sure, the couple may just be discussing getting out of a bad situation, but they might also be discussing the best way to dispose of some romantic rival. Check it out for yourself, and then be sure to catch Hello Wheels Live from Studio 1A session on KUTX next Tuesday, June 13th, then get O Hell on Thursday, June 15th and see them live at Cactus Cafe that night!