Exclusive Track Premiere: Hand-Me-Down Adventure “Escape Route”

Though it has the rousing title of “Escape Route,” hinting at heist adventures and thrilling getaways, Hand-Me-Down Adventure’s new single shares more DNA with Lonesome Crowded West-era Modest Mouse than, say, Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage.” Anchored by woozy bass and guitar, the instrumentation on “Escape Route” indicates the title is more likely in reference to some regrettable morning after, where bad decisions and hard drinking are combining to form a titanic headache. And if you’re living in Austin, chances are you know that feeling intimately, making “Escape Route” a perfect anthem for reckoning with your own misadventures. Give it a listen before you catch the band tomorrow, March 1st, and then play it again while you’re recovering the next day: