Exclusive Track Premiere: Go Fever “Dancing With Myself”

Who doesn’t have a soft spot for Billy Idol’s “Dancing with Myself?” It’s a rare ageless ’80s hit, a near-perfect vehicle for Idol’s snarling intensity that also has the power to unite even the stiffest party crowd. But it’s also underutilized as a cover, so it’s no wonder Go Fever would be drawn to it for The Stacks, an “unauthorized Ready Player One tribute” that has local bands covering 18 songs mentioned in Ernest Cline’s book. The compilation benefits local music education charity Kids in a New Groove and was curated by Brash Tracks’ Brian McKinney. Where Idol’s approach to the song is cocky and bratty, Go Fever flip the script, squaring Acey Monaro’s initially melancholic vocals off against the riveting instrumental, until she opens up her voice and turns the song into an appreciation of self-joy rather than the “how can you resist this?” arrogance of the original. Check it out for yourself and keep an eye out for the compilation on February 2nd, and don’t miss Go Fever at Mohawk this Sunday, January 7th!