Exclusive Track Premiere: MeanGirls “I Will Let You Down” and “Sleeper Hit”


Photo by Holly Jee

In the time since their last album, SquirmMeanGirls have gone through some changes, switching out members and reconstructing their sound as something more post-hardcore than post-emo. What has been previewed from their upcoming album Is This Me Forever? so far has shown off how skilled the band is at making post-hardcore intensity support rather than stifle the emotional intensity of Raine Hopper’s vocals. We’re delighted to bring you a new tracks from the band today that shows this off particularly well as well as one that shows yet another facet of the band.

“I Will Let You Down” moves at supersonic speed, the rhythm pummeling you while Hopper opens up and a sweet lead line hidden within the mix amplifies the melancholy nature of the track. This is MeanGirls at their most frenzied and ambitious, forever reaching for something better and greater.

“Sleeper Hit,” on the other hand, has the feel of an early ’90s Merge release, the rhythm more restrained but still forceful while the guitars have the twinkling roar of a Bob Mould song. There’s more room for Hopper to emphasize the yearning in her voice, recounting the stray details of a break-up, “I guess I was sleeping when you said it was over” repeated at the end as both a statement and a hope.

Give the tracks a listen for yourself, and then be sure to pre-order Is This Me Forever?out June 15th through Community Records!