Exclusive Video Premiere: Abhi the Nomad “Marbled (Acoustic)”

Abhi the Nomad Marbled acoustic

We get it, it’s almost impossible to keep up with new music these days, so things sometimes fall under the radar. But if you haven’t caught on to Abhi the Nomad yet, you’re really missing out. Abhi had an epic 2018, releasing a thrilling array of singles as well as the masterful Marbled, an LP that showcased Abhi’s dizzying range of musical talents, weaving together hip hop, pop and indie rock elements to make the kind of artistic statement you usually only see from artists far deeper into their careers. Abhi has been hard at work in 2019 on singles that emphasize his rap side but in case you missed out on Marbled the first time around or, like us, just want another excuse to revisit it, Abhi’s got you covered with an acoustic EP of select tracks from the album that you can stream and order here from Tommy Boy. We’re particularly excited to bring you the premiere of the title track, as it showcases Abhi’s underappreciated guitar work, with jazzy flourishes beautifully complementing his soulful voice. The video provides a split frame perspective of Abhi’s creative process, driving home how much of a one man musical army Abhi can be.

You can catch Abhi all over at SXSW this year, as well as at the upcoming Fortress Festival:

3/8/19 Oliver Tree – Support (Atlanta)

3/9/19 Oliver Tree – Support (Orlando)

3/13/19 DO512 Lounge Sessions

3/13/19 EQ Austin Showcase

3/14/19 Austin 360 Facebook Live

3/15/19 Big Light Dive Bar Sessions

3/15/19 SXSW Main Stage

3/16/19 KUTX Four Seasons Broadcast

4/27/19 Fortress Festival (Fort Worth)