Exclusive Track Premiere: Lizarazo “Occultation”

Early cultures often thought eclipses were harbingers of doom, or at the least a sign of looming upheaval. Written and recorded during last August’s eclipse, Lizarazo’s “Occultation” certainly provokes an apocalyptic mood, with its seismic low end and serpentine synth leads, but it also has a sense of destruction as an agent of change. Lizarazo collaborated with artist Lindsay Stevens for the cover art and Stevens’ illustration channels both of those aspects, as an eye of Sauron-esque sun looks down on an oil shimmer colored planet. Lizarazo was drawn to Stevens’ work because of its raw quality, recalling the underground comix of the ’70s, ’90s skateboard art and punk rock and it works to emphasize the sinister and primal nature of the track. Check it out for yourself and be sure to follow it on Spotify!