Exclusive Video Premiere: Emme “Wake”

Avant-pop duo Emme are masters at crafting lush and invigorating tracks where buzzing synths, minimalist percussion and layers upon layers of enchanting vocals combine. Their new single “Wake” expands on this, delicately balancing a seemingly endless number of vocal melodies with deep synth bass, bit crushed percussion and even acoustic elements, like the eerie accordion line that drifts in and out of the background. For the video, Emme emphasize the tranquil feeling of the song via clips of beach adventures, trippy hangouts, and lots of beautiful tropical fish, stating that with “Wake” they “wanted to explore two constant human desires: safety and truth, and how they can be at odds. Like a school of fish, there’s safety in coherence, but is it possible that this coherence can mask the subtleties of truth?” Check out the single for yourself below and then stop by Cheer Up Charlie’s on December 19th for the official release show!