Exclusive Video Premiere: Dry Guy “Something to Do”

With everyone cooped up for the indefinite future in Austin, it’s only a matter of time before we see a wave of cabin fever songs. But Dry Guy’s “Something To Do” actually predates isolation. Does that make the band prophets? Given their pedigree with members from The Fleshlights, Wildfires, When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth and The Dead Space, it’s probably more likely that they’re cheeky slackers but don’t you think we could use a punk rock Nostradamus right now? Prophecies of terminal boredom aside, when it came to making the video for the plodding, unhinged single, the band shot footage of an apocalyptically boarded up Red River Cultural District and edited together with video of themselves performing separately in isolation. Dry Guy, who got together when Hotel Vegas and Barracuda booker Dan Halloway asked the members to play together on a bill with other spontaneously formed new bands, sound like they’d be especially ferocious live with their mix of Jesus Lizard rhythms and vocals that give way to early Les Savy Fav ferocity. But until we’re given that specific something to do again, we’ll just have to make do with their quarantine videos: