Exclusive Track Premiere: Dregs “Year of the Dog”

Back in 2018, we said Dregs had perfected the art of the temper tantrum on their self-titled EP. A year later, the band are back with a full scale LP titled The Worst and if the new single “Year of the Dog” is anything to go off of, it seems they’re utilizing an approach that’s more brooding than snotty. “Year of the Dog” chugs along like an army on the warpath, air raid guitars and mortar blast rhythms clearing the battlefield for valkyrie howl vocals. The track hits with sternum quaking impact and has the all encompassing darkness of some secret line-up where Siouxsie Sioux replaced Ozzy Osbourne in Black Sabbath. Give it a listen for yourself, then catch Dregs live this Saturday at Beerland for the album release party with Think No Think, Vampyre, Chromagnus, Searing Arrow (HTX) and DJ Pop Zeus between sets!