Album Stream: Desert Culture’s “They’re Not Gone”

The appropriately named Desert Culture make expansive, ominous music that hints at the mystery and danger of the hottest parts of the West. The band’s new album They’re Not Gone pushes the group’s dusty aesthetic further than ever before, exploring not just the boundaries of their sound but of frontman Daniel Vega’s own family past and its various scandals, drama and tragedies. Vega’s stated aim was to make a “Texas” album in every possible sense, acknowledging his family’s ties to the state as well as the merger of cultures that make up the various elements of Texas’ music scenes. Twang reunites with its long lost kin surf, romantic spaghetti western guitars duel with licks reminiscent of Billy Strange’s work for Lee Hazelwood and Nancy SinatraThey’re Not Gone aims to be as big and bizarre as our home state, and we think you’ll agree it more than accomplishes that goal. Check it out for yourself, and then stop by  Cheer Up Charlie’s tonight, April 27th to get the full live experience: