Exclusive Track Premiere: David Thomas Jones “Super Collider”

There’s a Jonathan Lethem book called As She Climbed Across the Table about a love triangle between two professors and a sentient black hole accidentally created by the university’s super collider. In case that synopsis didn’t make it clear, the book isn’t your standard romantic comedy– it’s more about recognizing a relationship is over because one partner still has a lot of exploring left to do and the other is stuck in a rut and can’t see that until, well, a sentient black hole comes along. If they ever made a movie adaptation of it, I can imagine David Thomas Jones‘ new single “Super Collider” playing over the end credits.

Gleefully anarchic and wrapped up in the fuzzy intensity of early ’90s Flaming Lips, “Super Collider” also soars with cosmic ambition, every melodic component, from Jones’ voice to the lead guitars to the backing choir that emerges in the bridge, competing for space amongst the stars. That aligns perfectly with Jones’ own recent ascent, from his appearance in the Noël Wells film Mr. Roosevelt, which he also created music for as the fictitious The Leeks alongside Jurassic World’s Danielle Pineda, to the placement of his music on shows like IFC’s hit Maron. “Super Collider” is a brisk and joyful glimpse at what’s to come on Jones’ new album Occult Years, due out November 13th, which he performed the bulk of the instrumentation for along with contributions from members of Black Joe Lewis and the HoneybearsHard ProofAbram Shook and more. Check the track out for yourself below