Exclusive Track Premiere: Darkbird “Daredevil” and “Bad Self”


Everyone loves to cite Fleetwood Mac as an influence these days, but few artists get what made Fleetwood Mac really click the way Darkbird does. The band not only brings the heightened emotional states and soaring vocals, it also brings the layered songcraft and thrilling ability to radically shift the feeling of a song without losing the truth of it. Darkbird’s new single “Daredevil,” which we’re premiering for you today, is an exceptional example of that, the melancholy chamber pop of the start giving way to a bracing, vengeful rock anthem.

“Daredevil’s” twin “Bad Self,” which we’re also premiering, sustains that vengeful, volatile mood throughout, adding some Yeah Yeah Yeahs to the Fleetwood Mac influence. Like its title implies, “Bad Self” demands you give in to those impulses you usually keep in check, making for one of the catchiest slices of indie rock all year.

The band will be releasing both singles as beautiful 7″ records this Saturday, August 19th at Barracuda with Quiet Company, MCG and more!