Exclusive Track Premiere: Daisy O’Connor “Sister Station”

Daisy O'Connor Mixtape

Affable folk singer Daisy O’Connor has charmed us for years with her down to earth lyricism and ability to balance modern and classic sounds in her work, so we were excited to hear Tremolo Records also recognized her talents and will be releasing her new EP Mixtape. And we were even more excited to be given the opportunity to premiere a track from it! While all of Mixtape spotlights O’Connor’s easygoing nature and chipper songcraft, “Sister Station” is the most playful, pairing O’Connor with a Queen-like glam rock beat and some slinky electric guitar as she outlines a self-described “Tinder national anthem.” It’s a perfect mix of the sleazy and the seductive, so give it a listen and give in to its charms, then be sure to catch Daisy tonight, June 14th, at Cactus Cafe and pick up Mixtape when it arrives this month!