Coma in Algiers

For anyone (including Carter here at Ovrld) looking for some different, not-necessarily-indie-rock music in Austin, I have a band for you. Coma in Algiers plays rough, rocks hard and kills it. I don’t know what exactly they kill, but I’m pretty sure something dies every time they play music.

Self-described as a post-punk, post-hardcore, garage and noise-wave band, Coma in Algiers’ music is definitely not for the faint of heart. On the other hand, it’s not necessarily hard to listen to either. I’m usually against bands tagging themselves as so many different types of genres (it can be confusing and is usually contradictory), however, it’s fitting in this instance. Each song features a crazy mix of styles, but the end result is a heavy-hitting, brash, vigorous sound.

The drums and bass really stand out in the band’s newest LP, Christ Adonis Algiers, put out earlier this year. Each hit of the drums is really heard and felt, and helps get everything going. The bass comes in, weaving some steady rhythms that provide a great foundation for the songs. This isn’t to say the other members of the band don’t measure up; every song spits out a crazy fusion of guitar, keys, singing and screaming that leaves you wondering where you are and how you got there. In the end, it’s not a bad place to be at all, and Coma in Algiers provides a rough soundtrack that even indie rock fans can grow to like.

After a slew of March performances, the band’s next listed show isn’t until May. However, I’m sure there will be many more scheduled in the meantime, so keep checking back to Coma in Algiers’ Facebook page.

On a side note, I have to say that I’m a sucker for creative, hard-working bands. In 2009, Coma in Algiers put together an interesting marketing ploy for Your Heart Your Body: for $10, members of the band would personally deliver the cd to fans’ doorsteps. After the delivery, the rest was up to the purchaser (given that he or she provided a few small necessities for the band). I’m sure this lead to mostly just hanging out, but it’s an amusing way to put your band out there and meet new people.