Exclusive Premiere: Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice x Moodie Black’s Panic Ruminations

In case it wasn’t clear from the moniker, Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice makes the type of music that would herald the coming of nuclear war. And as should be clear from their moniker, Moodie Black make some seriously dark shit. So how could a collision of the two be anything short of noise armageddon? That’s exactly what their new collaborative EP Panic Ruminations entails– scorched earth production where dive bomb guitars, stone crushing beats and Chief’s Revelations preacher delivery all twist together into a noise rap leviathan. On “Bird’s Eye View,” Chief talks up a descent back to earth over a stuttering electro beat and mangled guitar; “Horror Garbage” makes good on its title, sounding like an entire rave getting thrown into a garbage compactor; “Mainline” is dusty boom bap filtered through the perspective of a swarming nanobot AI. While the EP doesn’t officially come out via Moodie Black’s label Moodhouse until tomorrow, we’ve got a sneak preview of it for you below, so tune in, drop out and embrace the doom: