Burgess Meredith

After having to shut down the site for a little over a day to resolve some behind-the-scenes technical issues, I’m still settling back into the writing role. Going dark was a weird experience, and I don’t think I like it. This site has become such an integral part of my life and the lives of our small staff here, that I hope not to go dark again for a very long time. Having the opportunity to write about the myriad musical talents in Austin is a pleasure and a privilege. We get to cover acts like T Bird and the Breaks (from last Friday) who are better known around town, and we get to cover other acts who are just starting out. Like Burgess Meredith.

Burgess Meredith - 'Loving Man'

Over the course of my 31 bands at Free Week, I stumbled across Burgess Meredith. Their 60s-influenced sound is already remarkably tight considering how new the band is, and the live show at the Mohawk indoor stage was immensely enjoyable. So far they have but one recorded track, “Loving Man,” full of keyboards out of ? and the Mysterians, rollicking drums from the Surfaris, fuzzed out psychedelic lead guitars and even a little mid-tempo doo-wop breakdown. With the professional blessing of Danny Reisch, who recorded their upcoming Banana Moon EP and may or may not actually be in the group, it looks like these guys have it all going for them.

We were going to suggest that you check out their kickstarter page, where they are trying to raise money to release the EP, but as of this morning they have reached their campaign goal. However, it may not be too late to donate and receive one of their many awesome prizes. For example, a mere $35 gets you a car wash from the band (plus CDs, downloads and whatnot). Eighty dollars gets you a homemade dinner with the band, and $100 will get you a private acoustic show in your home. There are some pretty enticing deals!

And if you can’t/won’t donate money, be sure to listen to KVRX’s local live on Sunday from 10pm-11pm, where Burgess Meredith will be performing. Keep an eye out for this local band on the rise.

– Carter