Exclusive Album Premiere: Burgess Meredith “A Dimension of Sound”

Committed power pop lifers Burgess Meredith are returning with their most ambitious album yet, fittingly titled A Dimension of Sound. Named for a line from The Twilight Zone’s classic opening, A Dimension of Sound finds Burgess Meredith channeling the songwriting of masters like the Kinks  and Harry Nilsson (“In and Out of True”) with the modern studio magic of Minus 5 and the Elephant 6 collective (the dreamy “Wendy”). In a year crammed full of incredible local releases, A Dimension of Sound is a standout, with impeccable songwriting and arrangements and a never ending supply of infectious hooks. Check it out for yourself below with our premiere, then pick up the album on Friday, November 17th and catch the band at Hole in the Wall on Saturday, November 18th for their release show.