Exclusive Track Premiere: Brother Sports “Oh Baby”

Brother Sports Oh Baby

When the triple digit days start coming and the AC sputters like a mule pulling too large a load, there’s not much more you can do other than let your thoughts drift back to fresher climes. Brother Sports’ are singing about a relationship doomed to fail no matter how many times it restarts on “Oh Baby,” but the flavorful, breezy music itself makes it seem like this is happening to a couple on a tropical getaway, a sort of combination of the chill verve of Tame Impala and The Strokes’ hip lo-fi detachment. The guitars and synths shimmer like sun rays on a flat ocean surface, the bass plods along again at the casual stroll common to island life everywhere. The vocals might be burdened with the toll of romantic malaise but in that tragedy and stagnation, at least we get a reprieve from our own toxic relationship with this endless heat. Check it out for yourself below and keep an eye out for Brother Sports’ upcoming EP, due out sometime this summer along with an East Coast tour.