Boy + Kite

After scouring the net for some new tunes to put in my evergrowing ATX playlist, I ran into a single from local rockers Boy + Kite and was instantly drawn in. Although I may be a little late to the Boy + Kite party, since their debut LP was released in the summer, I did want to let y’all know about them just in case you haven’t heard their stuff.

Boy + Kite is the creation of Austin music veterans Darvin Jones and Beth Puorro and is a fusion of experimental rock and pop. This dual genre mix stems from the differing musical tastes of Beth and Darvin. For some bands, having different musical tastes could lead to a swift and violent breakup, but Boy + Kite have harnessed their differing preferences for the greater good. Their songs incorporate elements of the two divergent genres. For an example of this, check out how a deliciously ambient soundscape propels into a catchy harmonized chorus on “Deciphering Static.”

Boy + Kite - Deciphering Static

Something else unique about Boy + Kite is their great Austin-centric backstory. The two founding members met at a local hot tub which some of you may remember as The Crossings. There they discussed the trials and tribulations of being in a band which inevitably led to them forming a band together later. Also, Boy + Kite won the 101x sponsored “Your Shot to Rock” contest which granted them a spot at Dia de los Toadies and some gratis recording time. These guys have been blowing up in Austin and thanks to the support of the local scene have experienced some national attention. I could definitely see them blowing up and am excited to see where their next LP takes them.

Boy + Kite - Think in Stereo

For more Boy + Kite, grab a copy of their debut LP Go Fly at Amazon or on iTunes. You can check out their current singles at their Soundcloud page too. This Friday, the band is also playing early at the Beauty Bar. Lastly, Boy + Kite are working on a new release and we’ll keep you guys updated with details as we get them.