Exclusive Track Premiere: Beth//James “Bring Your Fire to Me”

Beth James All in Life

Local folk duo Beth//James have teamed up with producer Brian Douglas Phillips (Rob Baird, David Ramirez) to evolve their sound for their upcoming EP All in Life, due out April 28th, and we’re excited to bring you a first glimpse at the EP via the duo’s single “Bring Your Fire to Me.” Phillips’ production emphasizes the lush harmonizing of Mikaela Kahn and Jordan Burchill while also adding an air of profound longing to their vocals through clever arrangements and eerie textures. Haunting slide guitar and sparse, thoughtful drumming serve to augment the vocals and acoustic guitar, giving the song a cinematic feel, like something from a True Detective montage, but the natural chemistry of the duo’s voices remains rightfully at the forefront. If the single has you impatient to hear the rest of Beth//James’ work, you can also catch them live tonight, March 28th, at the Saxon Pub.