Exclusive Track Premiere: Abhi the Nomad “Somebody to Love (Walkabout Remix)”

Golden voiced hip hop adventurer Abhi the Nomad has had quite the year. Back in March, Texas Monthly covered Abhi’s story, which not only features a wealth of musical talent but also a quest to prove himself enough to be granted an O-1 visa allowing him to stay in the United States. Abhi was hopeful about SXSW helping him prove he had the “extraordinary abilities or achievements” required to qualify for the O-1 but even with a great SXSW performance and a deal with Tommy Boy Records, the stakes were high. Luckily, Abhi got his wish and qualified for the visa and now he’s ready to fully commit himself to promoting his music. As a kind of victory lap, Abhi is revisiting fan favorite “Somebody to Love,” and we’re thrilled to bring you the Walkabout remix of the track. Forlorn yet rousing, Walkabout’s remix of “Somebody to Love” draws out Abhi’s anger over uncertainty in life in the lyrics while also providing a glimmer of hope that everything will soon work out. Check it out below and use this Spotify pre-subscribe link to add it to your mixes and to be the first to hear the rest of the remix EP when it drops tomorrow!