RIP Hollywood Gossip

With such a vibrant music scene, it’s hard to remember that bands inevitably call it quits. Even the most successful of the artists we go to hear will someday throw in the towel and move on to other projects. I was soberly reminded of this fact when I went to go visit Hollywood Gossip’s website today.

Hollywood Gossip is one of the first local bands I got into upon moving to Austin last year. Their infectious guitar-pop, straightforward vocals and intelligent lyrics made them enjoyable and appealing. But I had noticed that I hadn’t seen any shows of theirs announced in a while. I was going to write an appeal to them in this space to play again soon and put out some more material, but visiting their website revealed that they disbanded two months ago.

Hollywood Gossip - Bicycle

So, enjoy “Bicycle” – my favorite HG song, and one of the most frequently played songs in my library. And remember to enjoy and support these bands, since without our active love and support they may not stick around. Of course all of the members of HG are still musicians, and we’ll be sure to let you know when they have new projects and music.