AMA #7: Los Lonely Boys

Not only did these three brothers get listed 7th in the Band of the Year category of the AMAs, they also won the Best Blues/Soul/Funk, the Best Latin Rock and the Best Rock categories. This shines a light on just how diverse their sound is. Their songs flow from channeling Stevie Ray Vaughan’s blues rock to tying in tight Latin grooves to exploring soul-like harmonized vocals, all within the same song at times. These guys kind of make me wish I had a couple of brothers I could form a Texican Rock super group with.

If you haven’t heard, Los Lonely Boys are the Texican rock’n’roll cinderella story. Their debut single, “Heaven,” won them a Grammy for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals and The Boys have been chasing the dream ever since, earning a couple other Grammy nominations and breaking through the billboard charts.

This Tuesday, they released their fourth studio album, Rockpango-the first studio album released in three years-to local critical acclaim and fanfare. Los Lonely Boys produced the album on their own LonelyTone label which allowed them to expand their sound. Proof positive of this is the track, “Porn Star,” which includes a rap verse, DJ scratching and discussions of the quandaries of falling in love with an adult entertainer. At this point in the album, I think maybe the brothers expanded their sound a bit too much. Yet with tracks like: “Fly Away” and the title track, Los Lonely Boys stay close to their strengths of laying down grooves and vocally harmonizing like only a trifecta of talented brothers could.

If you didn’t catch their recent shows in Austin, you missed the local leg of their extensive national tour. But I’m sure they’ll be back to the music capital of the world where they have spent time recording playing and producing in the past. They even shot their most recent video for the track “Fly Away” at the local Continental Club. Check it out below!