From Our Living Room to Yours: The Best of Austin on Bandcamp


Every other week, we’re showcasing three mostly unknown Austin acts we’ve discovered on Bandcamp, in the hopes of bringing them From Our Living Room to Yours.

Kitty Jean - "Feral Man"

There’s a subtle but key difference between being an artist living in the past and simply being outside of time itself. Kitty Jean, formerly of Bay Area indie pop act Niceness, is distinctly the latter, gifted with an ethereal, sweetly dusty voice and songwriting chops that eschew the modern in favor of the classic. “Feral Man” is the standout amongst her recent posts, and though her demos lean a little heavy on a telephone filter that hides all the low end, there’s no hiding Jean’s knack for melody and harmony, which is rightfully front and center. Jean’s voice sounds as though it’s channeling tragic ancestors issuing a warning about the song’s subject, but it’s a warning that’s not too dissimilar to a siren’s call, hypnotic in its potential lethality, impossible to shake before it’s too late and it’s in your head forever.

Musidora Vampires - "Wasp"

When the Raveonettes first appeared more than a decade ago with the Whip It On EP, there was a lot of promise in their confrontational, black leather and reverb aesthetic. Yet their first couple releases were basically immature, heavy on fuzzed out guitar swagger and ghostly cooing vocals but light on memorable hooks and intriguing structures. I have no idea where the fuck Kevin Kelly swooped in from, but with his debut release for Musidora Vampires, “Wasp,” he’s got that Raveonettes echoing cool down pat and has the hooks and structure to match. “Wasp” features a menacingly straightforward beat and a nagglingly hooky bassline that boost the angular, madly propulsive guitars through the redline, creating a dense, swirling sound that somehow grants the vague, nearly mantra-like vocals more heft than they should have given how full the production is. There’s some Trent Reznor-like arrangement skills present here, and in time, Kelly might just have what it takes to make Musidora Vampires a critical and commercial juggernaut Reznor himself might be proud of.

Chubb Lake - "Chubb Lake"

Naming a song after your own band is always a bit of a gamble, but if you’re Chubb Lake it’s understandable– I mean, fuck, if your band was called Chubb Lake, wouldn’t you want to just shout it over and over? An irresistibly sloppy foursome, Chubb Lake is a fuck you to serious professionalism in audio form, complete with genre tags like “nachos,” “pizza” and “banned from Beerland.” Originally recorded last year, most of the free album they have up now is newly released, with the exceptions of “Hammer Murderer,” and, uh, “Wolf Pussy,” which have been up since last July. Their self-titled anthem succeeds at kicking ass and perfectly encapsulating the band’s sound and style, but “I Hate Baseball” is equally worth checking out, throwing a menacing bass and drum breakdown intro up against a thrashy declaration of the song’s point, which is hating baseball. Nothing here is exactly groundbreaking, but who gives a shit when it’s this much fun?

– Morgan Davis