Tiger Waves

Tiger Waves is a self-described cosmic surf rock band that started as a cross-country two piece. Split between Austin and Chicago, the duo of Reid Comstock and James Marshall relied on the convenience of email and mp3 technology to create their lushly layered and spacy tracks. Listening to some of Tiger Waves’ music takes me back to my lazy days in California where the vibe is laid back and the ocean air is crisp. I think the cleanly reverbed guitar tones and the rattle of the tambourine are what stirs up memories of the West Coast for me, but maybe the awesome picture of a tiger hovering over the calm blue sea on Tiger Waves’ website is somewhat behind those feelings as well.

Fellow past Californians, i know there are a lot of us here in Austin, listen to “Slow Loris” and let me know in the comments if it takes you back to your time in the Golden state.

Tiger Waves - Slow Loris

Throughout most of their songs, Tiger Waves are not afraid of stacking up the layers. With multiple effects, harmonized vocals, percussion layers, and some synth thrown in the mix, Tiger Waves definitely have an expansive sound that goes beyond the typical surf rock of yesteryear. And to think that perhaps a lot of this was coordinated through email makes the complexity of these songs all the more impressive. Although the unread count on my email inbox is already a little scary, I would love to be cc’d on some of Tiger Waves’ epic music making email strings.

The group is ramping up to release another full length album sometime in the coming months and have been kind enough to preview some songs off their new album. One of the preview songs is “I Hope You’ll Feel Alright” which has definitely further sparked my anticipation for the new album. On “I Hope You’ll Feel Alright,” Tiger Waves have stuck to their experimental surf rock feel but have really pumped up the fullness of their sound through the use of some interesting vocal layers. Check it out below.

Tiger Waves - I Hope You'll Feel Alright

Also, be on the lookout for more free tracks from the upcoming album on our Facebook page and on Tiger Waves’ Bandcamp page. We’ll keep you guys updated on when the new album is slotted for release too.