The Boxing Lesson Announce New EP

We tweeted about this last week, but I wanted to put up an official post about the Boxing Lesson’s forthcoming Muerta EP being released on June 7th. Back when we interviewed them in February they shared some awesome stories about their experience filming a video for the title track, and putting this EP together. Here’s what they said then:

Paul Waclawsky: A year and a half ago, we were out in Los Angeles on tour and…we’re friends with this professional wrestler, Paul London – he was in the WWF, he was tag team champion – and he started coming out to our shows out here at SXSW, like, two years ago. We were like, ‘who’s that guy with the Playboy model?’ And she was! She was on the cover of Playboy that month. Ashley Massaro. They become friends with us. He’s handing us joints after every set, he’s coming to all our shows. And his brother is a professional videographer and falls in love with one of our songs off Wild Streaks called “Muerta.” He sends us this treatment: we’re drowning, the van crashes, and it’s us floating with the film slowed down. As I’m singing the bubbles are coming out of my mouth. Electric eels! The whole thing. We filmed it fast so that when they slowed it down it could be all trippy. And they had fans on us so it looked like underwater. So we’re on tour and we go to this movie studio and we film there in like August or September of 09.

Jaylinn Davidson: It’s being animated by the guy who did Alvin and the Chipmunks. He did the Squeakuel too, so we got put on the backburner.

PW: We did it against a green screen. We were on pulleys and shit. I sat on Skeletor’s throne from the real movie! It was badass. They ripped up all our clothes like we were in accident. It was trippy. What they’ve sent us is trippy. It’s coming out…after SXSW. And for it, we’re going to release a “Muerta” EP. We have some other B-sides that have been banging around. We have some other songs that go well with “Muerta.” We have a remake of “Dark Side of the Moog” called “Darker Side of the Moog,” which is kind of Portishead-y. We have this instrumental called “Cassiopeia / Rings of Saturn.” We’ll probably put out a “Muerta” EP before we even put out Possibilities to go along with this high-budget video that took two years.

Darker Side Of The Moog – The Boxing Lesson by theboxinglesson

TBL will be playing this Thursday at Stubb’s Jr, in what is shaping up to be a night full of fantastic shows. Lightning Bolt, Titus Andronicus, Interpol, School of Seven Bells, Cut Copy, Holy Ghost!, Foals, Freelance Whales, The Naked and Famous, Jonny Lang and George Thorogood are all stopping by our fair city, and Austin’s own John Wesley Coleman, No Mas Bodas, and Brownout are all playing too!

Aaaannnndddd…they’re playing a show on May 7th with one of my favorite bands, the Generationals!

So check out the new track and catch The Boxing Lesson live soon!



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