The Asteroid Shop CD Release

The Asteroid Shop, the already acclaimed local ambient rock band, are celebrating the release of their self-titled debut album tonight at Skinny’s Ballroom. They’ll be playing with OVRLD-featured band The Ghost Wolves and also classically-indie Austerity Measures. The Asteroid Shop play tunes that sound like a mix between Explosions in the Sky and Echo & The Bunnymen. Their songs are spacey and dreamy with some pop thrown in the mix. Eric Brendo, the front man of the group, is known around town for starting up the band Downtown and also for his solo career. But for The Asteroid Shop, Eric has teamed up with local musicians Michael Kester (keys), Todd Pruner (guitar), Jonathan Konya (drums) and Tray Duncan (bass). This group has created well-crafted songs that have been expertly captured by producer/engineer Erick Wofford. A chilled-out somewhat melancholic feeling runs throughout the whole album which explores themes of love, inner demons and nostalgia. Highlights from the release are “Dandelion” which has an infectious chorus, “Destroyer” which pumps up the distortion and “Planetary” which includes a surprising spaced-out organ-featuring interlude.

The Asteroid Shop - Dandelion

The album’s great listening for a rainy day of deep meditation and existential pondering. For a digital version of the album, head to Amazon or iTunes. Digital versions of the release come with instrumental versions of all the tracks. For the physical version you’re going to have to wait ’til the 18th. See y’all at Skinny’s!

– Dan