Stewart Gersmann CD Release

Tonight Handclaps Records and Stewart Gersmann are putting on a LP release party in celebration of Stewart’s debut solo album, The Absurdist. This party is stacked with a great lineup of some of the most talented singer songwriters that Austin has to offer. Sharing the stage with Stewart tonight will be Danny Malone, Michael Kingcaid and Jarrett Killen. Each one of these artists provides a different perspective on the singer songwriter style. Danny fuses indie pop into his songs, Michael, of What Made Milwaukee Famous, leaves the distortion pedal at home and lets his vocals shine in his solo work and Jarrett plays a more folk inspired brand of music – listen for typical folk instruments like the harmonica in his songs. To check out some tunes from each of these guys check out their sites/Facebook pages here: Danny, Michael and Jarrett. Also, Danny is running a Kickstarter campaign right now to release his recent recorded-in-a-castle album.

But let’s get back to the headlining act, Stewart Gersmann. Stewart was previously the frontman of The Spoiled, a powerful rock band that seemed to really focus on excelling in the lyrics department. This lyrical prowess is still evident in Stewart’s solo work on The Absurdist. With evocative lyrics like: “It’s OK my darling little swine. You don’t have to win every time.” and “I don’t think it’s treason if it’s done for good reason. But is it?” Stewart expresses the full range of emotions throughout the 9 songs of the LP. On the album, there is also a great range of style. You’ll find soft acoustic songs followed by fast-paced rock and folkier songs. My favorite track off the album right now is “Streetcar” a song that starts soft and then climaxes in the final minute into a grand David Gilmour-esque guitar solo.

Stewart Gersmann - Streetcar

So come out and listen to these talented songwriters tonight. The show is at one of my favorite venues in town, The Mohawk. Doors open at 7:30p and the show begins an hour after that. To soothe your ears with Stewart’s latest tunes grab The Absurdist available for download at Eye Rock for a 10 spot of electronically transmitted cash.