Slash Future New Singles!

Leading up to their debut album coming out in the fall, Slash Future, the post rock electronic group, have leaked 4 singles. The quartet impressed me with the demos they put out in May of 2011 and now they’re back with more polished tunes. Slash Future, in some form, has been around Austin for a few years and I’m glad to hear that an LP is coming soon. Through the years the crew has been busy growing from 2 to 4 members and honing their sound. In recent years, I’ve witnessed quite a numober of electronic bands breaking out as solo acts or condensing down their membership rather than expanding it. Yet, for Slash Future, I think the 4-person lineup is optimal. Splitting some of the synth work, sampling and the percussion among a few different people has made for an engaging live show and a more organic sound. In its current form, the band has come to feature synth blips and blops, excellent percussion, soulful vocals and saxophone riffs in their midtempo tunes.

Despite all the different moving parts and instrumentation considerations, I think the band strikes a very nice balance between acoustic and electronic sounds and open and layered spaces on each of the singles. Out of the new stuff in this release, “Frame” stood out for me. The twinkling guitar texture and saxophone solo make for a very rich sound punctuated and driven forward by a great drum beat. Listen to Justin on sax towards the end of the song. Mixed with the percussion and the synth, the saxophone makes the song sound as if Slash Future are playing a mod futuristic lounge set. Although, at times, Slash Future’s post rock influences shine through, there is definitely a pop sparkle present on each of the four tracks. Take a listen below:

Head over to Slash Future’s Bandcamp Page for the singles and be on the lookout for the new album dropping this fall. Additionally, Slash Future will be playing the Pecan Street Festival this year on 9/29. Get more info about the festival here and the full musical lineup here. It’s looking like the Old Pecan Street Fest is going to have a great lineup this year with [paperthreat], Slash Future, BK & Mr. E, Guns of Navarone and more Ovrld favorites playing the two-day fest. Consider checking out the fest and catch some music between the corn dog and booth shopping extravaganza.