Mixtape Questionnaire: 10 Questions, at least 10 Songs with The Entrance Band

Mixtape Questionnaire

This week in Mixtape Questionnaire, we snagged The Entrance Band, an LA-based psych-rock group formed by frontman and guitarist Guy Blakeslee, with Derek James on drums and superstar bassist Paz Lenchantin (Zwan, A Perfect Circle, Pixies) backing him up. The group took the Mixtape Questionnaire concept pretty literally and gave us a lot of California-tinged tracks for answers. As always, the mix is at the end, but we’ve included embeds of each trakc they’ve selected if you want to hop around. And be sure to catch The Entrance Band at Spider House Ballroom’s Back to School Rager with Marnie Stern this Saturday, September 6th.

If The Entrance Band could have a song play whenever they enter a venue, what would it be and why?

“Rumble” by Link Wray… Because we have arrived to rumble!!


You might not know this, but there’s an unofficial rivalry between Austin and Los Angeles. What song would you choose to convince Austinites to become BFFs with Los Angeles?

“Malibu People” by Papa John Phillips



Your band is one in a long line of groups that have made songs about spiders. Other than your own “Spider,” do you have a favorite spider song for your upcoming Spider House show?

“The Spider Bite Song” by the Flaming Lips



Since this Spider House show is a “Back to School Rager,” what’s a song from high school you still guiltily (or unapologetically) listen to?

“In the Garage” by Weezer



You’re in the middle of a tour that’s stretching pretty far, has there been a designated road song for this trip? If not, what song would you say has symbolized the tour?

“Time to Move on” by Tom Petty


Likewise, what’s a song that you’ve banned from listening to on the road or can’t stand hearing while you drive?

“American Pie” by Don McLean


Your frontman Guy Blakeslee just released an album devoted to exploring the perspective of Ophelia from Hamlet. Ophelia’s final living scene in Hamlet of course involves her singing and handing out flowers, what modern song do you think she might choose to sing if Hamlet were to happen today?

“Born to Die” or “Video Games” by Lana Del Rey


On the subject of The Entrance Band side projects, I know Paz Lenchantin has been playing with the Pixies and was even in the studio with them recently. What’s your favorite Pixies track?

Paz says : “Velouria”


Earlier this year The Entrance Band did a European tour. What was your best musical discovery while over there?

Carlos Paredes (Portuguese guitarist) “Movimento Perpetuo”



Your tour is almost over, so what is your favorite coming home song?

“Moonlight Mile” by the Rolling Stones

 The Mix:

 Don’t forget to catch The Entrance Band tomorrow, September 6th, at Spider House!

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