Latest Toughs: Molly Burch, Abhi the Nomad and more

by Nick Hanover
Latest Toughs If you live in Austin then you already know there’s too much damn music to keep track of. And sometimes you just want to sift through it in bite-sized chunks. We totally understand. Allow us to introduce you to The Latest Toughs, five tracks from five artists to get you up to date and make each of your workdays a little easier.

Molly Burch “Only One”

Love is kind of an asshole, isn’t it? It comes around like a tornado, creating excitement and chaos and flutters and then sometimes it departs just as abruptly in one of you while the other is still all revved and wondering what the fuck happened. Such is the scenario in Molly Burch’s “Only One,” where she ponders how a lover could go from telling her she was “the only one, the holy one” until, well, she wasn’t. Whether that wound actually is fresh or not in Burch’s case, her emotive and resonant performance makes it feel as though she’s transferring all that pain directly to your heart as it’s happening to her, with the light, melancholy instrumentation sounding like it’s plucked on heartstrings itself. Does that sound too intense? Then just think of it as the romantic equivalent of skydiving, a terrifying leap into some other person’s trauma with their voice serving as your parachute.

Blood “Primitive Priest”

There’s a very different kind of trauma exploration going on in Blood’s “Primitive Priest,” and it’s its own kind of terrifying. A vengeful and explosive post-punk examination of church abuse and hypocrisy, amongst other things, “Primitive Priest” is the sound of an exorcism gone awry, with screeching guitars and yelped vocals in place of demonic caterwauling, and the priest in question not some miraculous healer but a vile creature who deserves to be thrown out a window. Though there are recognizable influences in Blood’s sound, from the Jesus Lizard on down to Wire, on “Primitive Priest” they announce themselves as one of the freshest approaches to punk to emerge from an already adventurous Austin scene, and you’d be wise to start worshipping them sooner rather than later.

Shutterr “Happy Here”

You think “mood music” and you probably imagine ambient airport music and whale sounds and noises to make your plant happy. Lately, though, mood music for me has meant swirling clouds of guitar where lead riffs crackle through like lightning and some disembodied voice coos words that could mean anything. Shutterr’s “Happy Here” is that in a nutshell, a glittering mass of guitar texture in service of a Big Mood, namely the idea that you can go back to happy memories when sadness sets in but you can’t really ever return to those places. It’s paradoxically heavy and fluffy, a rich dessert at the end of a turbulent day.

Click-Clack “Blue Chips”

Click-Clack’s masterpiece Blue Eyed Black Boy perfectly straddled the worlds of introspective and party rap, pairing deep examinations of personal vices and ambitions with good times and boasts. For his follow up Negars, Click-Clack has teamed up with producer Swish Fifty for a club hyped victory lap, stacking more hooks, auto-tune and bombastic beats on his sound. “Blue Chips” is the MVP, a blitz of champagne popping drums and R&B skirting hooks where Click-Clack shouts “I think I finally found my wings” while he celebrates his own prospects. It even sports some falsetto punctuations that should keep you properly vaccinated again Justin Timberlake.

Abhi the Nomad “Wide Awake (Parquet Courts remix)”

If you’d asked me to make a list predicting future Abhi the Nomad collaborators last year, I highly doubt Parquet Courts would have been on it. I hereby submit an official apology to that slack guitar outfit for underestimating them, because Abhi’s “Wide Awake” remix brings out the unruly best in both parties. With its Latin-tinged percussion, serpentine bass and carefully coordinate group hollers, recalls the DFA remixes of the ’00s, but Abhi’s flow, to use his own parlance, is wide awake, tearing down jealous peers doing the most for the blog hits who don’t understand why he keeps growing while “their albums are flopping.” If anyone in Austin hip hop deserves a platform to gloat and boast about making it big while his own scene sleeps on him, it’s Abhi. But more importantly, if anyone can make such a thing sound fun and flirty and righteous rather than insufferably arrogant, it’s him.

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